Punjabi Totay – Rishtay Karaan Wali [Video]


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Fnuny video.

Aag TV Punjaagi totay


What the Hell Is It ? Pakistani Journalists in US Embassy Hosts Drink Dance Party [Pictures]

What the hell is it ?

See Mehar Bukhari and Saima Mohsin with US black men.

Are these media personalities who talk on TV programs and we trust them.

Mehar Bukhari was the anchor of the program “News Beat” on “Samaa” TV.

Can Supreme court and Honorable Chief Justice Iftikhar Ch. take the notice?

This homeland was made on the name of ALMIGHTY ALLAH and ISLAM is the religion.

We all are Muslims but where this media is going to take us?

Today, I am ashamed of being the part of this nation.

ALMIGHTY ALLAH forgive us and tell us the right path. (Ameen)

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