The author of this blog is currently affiliated with University of Management and Technology. In past, he received BS – Information Technology from Virtual University of Pakistan and currently living in Lahore, Pakistan.

This blog is mainly maintained & updated by Haseeb Akmal as Author and Madeeha Rashid as Contributor.


I am happy to know your valuable ideas and feedback.

Thank you for visiting.

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6 Responses to “Author”

  1. Muhamamd Imran Says:

    Nice work


    • Haseeb Akmal (حسیب اکمل) Says:

      Thanks dear, Keep visiting.


    • Haseeb Akmal (حسیب اکمل) Says:

      Thanks dear,

      Keep visiting.


  2. Waqas Ahmad Says:

    Congrats dear Haseeb. You are doing a fine job and I am really impressed by reading some of the articles which you have posted on your blog but I still feel that more effort needs to be done. It is my suggestion to you is to include the atricles related to the latest research going in the field of IT and new dimensions being introduced in this field. Some of the posts on this blog are not new to the readers and so to attract more readers, you need to think differently to promore this blog…… 🙂 anyways great work, keep it up


    • Haseeb Akmal Says:

      Thanks a lot dear Waqas Ahmad.

      Yes, you are right, many improvements are needed. Many content I have but I am managing time to make the blog up-to-date.

      Your suggestions are valuable to my blog and I will see how can be entertained.

      Again thanks, keep visiting and give suggestions. 🙂


  3. Rana Saeed Amjad Says:

    Dear Haseeb!, I am very pleased to visit your blog.I really appreciate your idea and effort. Keep working hard to make it more informative. Best of Luck….


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