Facebook Most Popular Trends [Year Review 2011]

Facebook status updates played a starring role in the evolution of the world’s largest social network in 2011.

As several major changes to status updates (increased character limits, for example) rolled out throughout the year, Facebook data scientists kept their eyes focused on tracking the trends among those status updates.

Facebook unleashed that research late Tuesday night in their end-of-year Memology list, which each Decembersince 2009 has helped users understand the most-popular topics, cultural trends and acronyms on the site.

Similar to what was popular on Twitter in 2011, high-profile deaths triggered (see image above) plenty of discussions among you and your friends. On Facebook, the death’s of Osama bin Laden, Steve Jobs and Amy Winehouse incited heavy activity in status updates.

Is it interesting ? Do you want to add some thing more about IT trends ?

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