Steve Jobs Win Posthumous Grammy Award [IT NEWS]

If you are wondering when did Steve Jobs release a music album to deserve a Grammy award, then perhaps you do not know much about Grammy.

Though, primarily known for music, Grammy awards are given for various categories. The Recording Academy announced the list of the recipients of 2012 Special Merit Awards.

Among the Lifetime Achievement Award recipients were the Allman Brothers Band and Diana Ross. Steve Jobs received the posthumous honor of this year’s Trustees Award for “outstanding contributions to the industry in a nonperforming capacity.”

The ceremony will be held on 11 February 2012, during Grammy Week. The recipients will be acknowledged at this year’s “54th Annual Grammy Awards” .

Is it interesting to you ? Do you want to add some thing more about Jobs and his work ?


One Response to “Steve Jobs Win Posthumous Grammy Award [IT NEWS]”

  1. Israr khattak Says:

    We can learn many things from the life of Steve Jobs. While reading many blogs and others sources about Steve Jobs and his departure, I feel that the writers and people do not really feel sorry for him. They accept that he was a great man, technologically very sound and devoted but all self-centered. I do not know about any charity organization to which he donated any… he was not having a sound and healthy family life. I can not guess the reason behind but I feel that he was too much involved in professional activities and has no time for social interaction. I believe that we must spare some of our time and money for those who really need it… that’s the real investment one can make.


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